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Controlling termites using today’s technology

Termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to structures in this state every year!


We will focus on the two that cause the majority of all damage.

 Subterranean Termites    

Subterranean Termites do by far the most destruction to structures. The Current methods of control involve creating a long term chemical barrier between the structure and the ground. This process varies considerably depending on the particular construction of the buildings foundation.

 This is not a do it yourself project as it requires the use of specialized equipment, techniques and an in depth understanding of termite biology and behavior.

An improper treatment can be worse than no treatment at all by isolating the damage to hidden areas and giving the false sense of security while the termites and there damage continue unabated. Further biology information can be obtained here.  


Drywood Termites

Drywood termites can infest and live self contained in the wood in a structure. This capability calls for a completely different approach to treatment. Drywood treatments traditionally have involved Fumigation (Tent or Seal) and even today with a severe or widespread infestation fumigation is the recommended treatment.

Alternative treatments are just now becoming common for limited infestations such as applying local insecticides (labeled for Drywood termites) in the form of sprays, paint on and foam injected to infested wooden members, wall voids cabinet ect.

We at Cooks Offer Professional Inspection Services

Prevention is the best method of protecting your home or business.

Click here to learn about prevention of both types of termites

Prevention of subterranean termites can be accomplished with proper treating and follow up inspections by a trained professional.

Drywood termite prevention starts with good maintenance on the exterior of the structure making sure the eves overhangs and all exterior wood is painted or sealed paying particular attentions to corners and seams (the easiest entry for the reproductives). Screens to attic or crawl space opening should be of #20 mesh or smaller and in good repair. All furniture (particularly used or antique) should be carefully inspected for small exit holes and or insect damage and finally a yearly inspection by a professional will very much reduce your odds for any major structural damage.

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